What the HECK is vibration?

You hear it all the time. All the gurus say it.

It’s a word you know. You know it’s meaning…

… Or so you thought.

Who ever knew that such a common word like “vibration” could be so confusing?

So what the heck is vibration?

None of the gurus seems to be using it in a way that you know. Or even in a way that makes sense in the dictionary.

Good thing for us, because of a glass of water, we know Einstein’s hidden message!

In the last post, we discovered that physical objects phase between physical and energetic states. Like liquid water and water vapor, they are constantly changing into these two states.

Now let’s go back to our desk example from yesterday.

The desk is in an equilibrium state since it never changes at the human eye level. Yet, the desk is phasing in and out of its physical state and its energetic state.

But it doesn’t just do this once; it does it over and over and over again.

It phases into energy to mass to energy to mass to energy. Back and forth. Up and down. Like a sine wave, an oscillation…

… A Vibration

A very particular vibration that phases between energy and mass at a very particular frequency to that desk.

So what? In the next post we’ll discover why vibration matters and why all the gurus talk about it so much.

Until then, have an awesome day!

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