What the HECK is Frequency?

You hear it all the time. It’s one of those words you hear all the time in LOA (Law of Attraction).

It’s a word you know. You know it’s meaning…

… Or so you thought.

Why is such a common word like “frequency” so confusing?

So what the heck is frequency?

Good thing for us, we’ve just gone over vibration and energy!

From our basic science classes in school and the Vibration Miniseries, we know that that all things in the universe are made up of energy and matter.

In his atomic hypothesis, Democritus theorized that all matter in the universe was made up of indivisible physical units which he called “atoms”.

When scientists discovered the elements that make up the Periodic Table of Elements, they believed that they discovered atoms: all matter in the universe was made up of these hundred or so elements.

Later, to their surprise, they discovered that the elements could be divided into smaller parts: electrons, neutrons, and protons. And those parts were not unique from one element to the next.

The electron in Hydrogen was the same as the electron in Iron. The proton in Oxygen was the same proton in Uranium.

As time goes on, scientists find smaller and smaller units of mass. Until…

What happens when you divide the smallest possible piece of matter possible?

The same thing that happens when you split an atom. A giant atomic reaction.

And the same thing that happens when you split a nuclear particle. A giant nuclear reaction.

The smaller the piece of matter, the more gigantic the release and conversion of matter into energy.

If we split the smallest particle possible, the result is simply energy.


Because as we learned in the Vibration miniseries, all matter is simply energy in a different, more condensed state.

So, literally, everything in the universe is energy.

Or more precisely, everything is Energy that is Vibrating at a different Frequency.

As we learned in the Vibration miniseries, all things phase in and out of its energetic state and its physical state; this phasing back and forth is the object’s Vibration.

How quickly it phases back and forth is its Frequency.

So what is frequency?

Frequency is the rate at which any object phases between its energetic and physical states.

Whew! What a way to kick off the Frequency miniseries!

Any light bulb moments there? 🙂

Next time, we’ll start to go into why this is relevant to our every day lives and how to make this information practical.

Until then, may the Frequency at which you experience the things you want in life increase more and more… (any more light bulbs??)

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