Using Frequency to Create Your Reality

Last time, we learned that everything is energy vibrating between physical and energetic states at different frequencies.

All things constantly phase into their energetic state, then re-manifest into the physical world.

Each time we phase into energy is an opportunity to change our energy. So when we phase back, something is different.

The faster we do this, the higher our frequency, the more opportunity we have to make a shift in our energetic bodies and re-manifest into new physical realities.

If we understand this, then we can begin to understand why shifting the frequency of our vibration is critical to changing our lives.

In his famous book, Power Vs. Force, Dr. David Hawkins described a scale of human vibration that he indexed from 0 to 1000.

Now, that doesn’t mean that there are no frequencies below 0 or above 1000… just that there are no frequencies relevant to the human experience outside that range.

Once we hit 0, we are dead. Then perhaps re-manifest as something else other than human. Just as if we hit 1000, enlightenment, then we transcend humanity and re-manifest as something other than human…

When looking at Dr. Hawkin’s scale, it is easy to make judgments and call lower frequencies “bad” and higher frequencies “good”.

But each frequency is simply a station that we tune into. Just like a television or radio station.

When we change the frequency, we change the channel.


At 88.7 Hz, we’re on the oldies channel.
At 91.1 Hz, we’re on the classical channel.
At 92.7 Hz, we’re on the hip hop channel.
At 95.3 Hz, we’re on the alternative rock channel.
At 98.7 Hz, we’re on the pop channel.
At 100.7, we’re on the top 40s channel.

Whether the channel is good or bad is completely dependent on our individual preferences and what we’re in the mood for in the moment.

The exact same is true with our vibration.

This channel is tragedy and death.
This channel is depression.
This channel is anger.
This channel is financial abundance.
This channel is love.
This channel is joy.

None is any better or worse than the other. It just depends on what we prefer and what serves us in the moment.

What we phase back into physical reality, what we Create, is dependent on the channel we’re on. So, it’s really just choosing the channel that we like – that matches the reality we want to experience – and dialing into that channel.

So, manifestation isn’t about choosing a vibration and chasing after it. This would be like channel surfing.

It’s about figuring out what we’re in the mood for, finding a show that’s playing right now that suits our mood, then tuning into the channel that the show is playing on.

Now we’ve entered into the age of TV Guide!

Next time we’re going to take this new understanding and talk about how we can predict and change our futures with it!

Tune into this channel tomorrow!

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