Changing and Predicting your Future through Frequency (part 1)

Last time, we learned how frequency creates our reality.

By tuning in to the right station, we get the music that we want. By tuning ourselves to the right frequency, we get the experiences and opportunities that lead us to what we want.

So, if I know which frequency I’m on, then I have a very good idea of what sort of experiences are on their way.

If I’m on the classic rock station, I can be pretty sure I’m going to hear some classic rock.

I don’t know exactly which song, is coming up next. But I know what types of songs. And I can be pretty sure that if I stay on the station long enough, I’m going to hear “Stairway to Heaven”.

By looking at our frequency, we can predict the types of experiences we will have and can be certain that if we are looking for a particular common experience, we will have it.

So… what frequency are you tuned into?

Which frequencies do you visit throughout the day and, most importantly, which one is your default mode?

That, more than anything else, will determine your Attraction and what circumstances, events, and opportunities come into your life.

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Qigong Master and former capital markets fixed income portfolio manager teaches you how to balance your spirit, mind, body, energy, and emotions, all while monetizing your passion and life's purpose.


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