Change and Predict your Future with Frequency! (Part 2)

Yesterday, we learned that by knowing what frequency we are on, we can predict our future.

Not THE future… Our future.

This is true because frequency is a feature of our energy.

And a great secret to life is that everything happens energetically before it happens physically.

As we know from the vibration miniseries, energy and matter are 2 different states of the same thing.

In fact, matter is compressed energy. Just like water is compressed steam and ice is compressed water.

Recall the Law of Creation Formula:

Intention + Attraction + Motion = Creation
Desire Think, Plan, Decide Act Result

We start with the initial energy (Intention), go through a process of gathering more (Attraction), and then convert that energy into the physical world (Motion). We keep doing it over and over until we’ve molded our physical reality into what we want (Creation).

I want to make sure you didn’t miss that… so go read it again. Slowly.

Let’s take a simple example.

Raise your hand over your head.

Go ahead. Do it. Don’t just sit there and read the words. Raise your hand over your head.

Good. What had to happen to get your hand physically over your head?

First you had to have the desire to raise your hand over your head. Then you had think about it and create a set of instructions (plan) on how to get your hand over your head. Then you had to decide on this particular plan.

Then you took executed the plan (action). And once the plan was executed, your hand was over your head (result).

Everything before the action step – the desire, the thinking, the planning, and the deciding – all happened in the realm of energy. Without them, you could never take action or get a result.

All things happen energetically before they happen physically.

So, if you can read our energy, you can read what is coming into your physical reality…

… And if you can change your energy, you can change your future! (More on that tomorrow)

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