Change and Predict your Future with Frequency! (Part 3)

One of the absolute key concepts that we’ve learned so far is that things happen energetically before they happen physically.

All of physical reality and matter is condensed energy.

Energy must be converted and condensed for it to manifest into the “real” world.

Or, more accurately, the physical world.

The energetic world is just as real as the physical, and has more bearing on our lives.

The physical world is the manifestation of what was. Old thoughts and energies from the past.

The energetic world is what is in the process of manifesting into the physical world in our future.

This is the true meaning behind “Ask and it is given”.

You may have heard many religious and Law of Attraction (LOA) teachers teach this principle.

But what does it mean? Why is it that we don’t seem to have it if it is given to us?

The moment we ask for something – the moment we generate the Desire for it – it is given to us. Instantaneously.

… In its energetic form.

That is the process of Intention in the Law of Creation formula.

Our desire causes us to think about it more and more. And, through the Law of Attraction, we begin to think and plan adding to the energy given to us and condensing it.

We keep thinking and planning until we make a decision and the energy is condensed so much that we are motivated.

It is this motivation that generates action. That action, by Law of Motion, translates energy into physical mass and reality.

At the same time, as we see our reality change, our desires increase, and we think, plan, and decide to do even more. Because Motion is the activator of Intention and Attraction.

This cycle continues over and over until so much energy has been condensed and converted to mass, that physical reality matches the energetic reality of our Desires and Dreams…

Our dreams and desires have manifested.

You see, we can predict and change our futures because we are Creating our futures… Using the Law of Creation.

And all things happen energetically before they happen physically.

If you didn’t believe you could change future, you wouldn’t be seeking to change it. You wouldn’t be working towards a better life.

It all begins with your energy.

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Qigong Master and former capital markets fixed income portfolio manager teaches you how to balance your spirit, mind, body, energy, and emotions, all while monetizing your passion and life's purpose.


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