I can’t have a Family because of the Way I Am… :-‘(

Back when I was helping people one on one to adjust their energy, one of my most memorable cases was a 12 year old boy.  Let’s call him James.

James came to see me with aching leg bones and pain in his ankles. The pain made it difficult for him to stand for more than 10 minute and to walk or run for any distance.

After a 3 weeks, I was happy to hear that James no longer had any pain…

But the next week, he showed up again. And the week after and after and after…

I’ve been working with energy long enough to know that if he kept showing up, then there must be a reason; my work was not yet done.

So, despite being confused and not wanting his parents to spend money unnecessarily, I continued to see James.

We talked about all areas of his life, what stressed him out, what bothered him, what he enjoyed, what he hoped for his future.

Still, I couldn’t figure out what else I could help him with or pinpoint why he kept booking appointments with me.

One day, just as I was about to give up and tell James’s parents I had reached the limit of my ability to help him, I was guided to the right question.

“Would you like to have your own family one day, James?” I asked.

“I can’t,” he replied…

Surprised by the answer, I instantly felt that we were on the edge of a breakthrough.

And in just a few moments I would know just how big of one it would be.

“What makes you believe that you can’t?”

“Because of the way I am.”

Hmm… “How is it that you are that prevents you from being able to have your own family?”

“Because I lose my temper. I can’t be around anyone.”

… … …


Finally, I understood why he kept coming to see me and how I was supposed to help him.

You see, when I was his age I had an incredibly bad temper as well. I had a boiling rage inside of me that I called the “Incredible Hulk,” because that’s how I felt when I lost my temper.

In fact, all the way into my early 30s I listed “losing my temper” as my #1 fear because of my memories of how life was.

And I learned that I had to resolve that fear if I was ever going to have a successful, lasting romantic relationship.

So… what does this have to do with frequency?

Locked within James’s energy was the frequency of the fear of losing his temper.

It created distance between him and his family. It caused him to avoid others. It caused him not to have any friends. It caused him to be labeled ADD and Autistic by the education system. It caused him being prescribed a cocktail of drugs.

It caused him to be very lonely and believe that he had no choice but to be alone his entire life.

If left there, then he would be right. He could never have a family, no matter how great his desire for one.

Because he was aware of the frequency of his energy, James was able to predict his future. In fact, he was creating that exact future with that energy.

As James and I continued to work together, his energy shifted changing.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen James, but as of our last meeting he never lost his temper again. He no longer got frustrated easily.

And he began to smile and says hello to people.

My assistant commented after his last visit, “He’s such a sweet boy now. He doesn’t scare me anymore.”

By changing his energy, James is changing his reality. His life is changing now. And he is creating a new future.

A future where having friends and a family is not only possible, but almost a certainty.

When we are as aware of our frequency as James was, change becomes not only possible, but easy and FAST.

Take a moment in each day and ask yourself which frequency you’re on.

And may you adjust it to Create the future you want!

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Qigong Master and former capital markets fixed income portfolio manager teaches you how to balance your spirit, mind, body, energy, and emotions, all while monetizing your passion and life's purpose.


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