Why Inward Gaze

Improving your life means changing your life. Making changes in your life is as much about letting go of falsehoods as it is about finding truths. It requires that not only that we do things differently, but that we think differently as well. Most people look outside of themselves for answers, for happiness, for change. This implies that there is something that is missing from you that you do not yet possess. At Inward Gaze Institute, we believe that you are enough. You are whole and have all that you need. The process of discovery, then, means looking inside of yourself and getting to know the person that you are. The process of creation is letting what’s inside of you out and sharing it with the world.

Inward Gaze Institute utilizes the skills and power of qigong to help you go through this self-examination and improve your well-being. No matter which system you choose, a period of gazing inward is required. Without silence, without gazing inwardly, we cannot develop a relationship with ourself. Without a relationship with ourself, we cannot know ourself. And without knowing ourself, we cannot know our preferences and what it is that we need for all around well-being.

Inward Gaze Institute and qigong encourage you to look within to find your preferences. Your preferences will lead to your desires. Your desires form your dreams. And your dreams create your path in life. At the Inward Gaze Institute, we believe that a fulfilled person, one of well-being, is one who dies having accomplished all his or her dreams except for one. That one left undone is so big that it inspires others to take it up and see its fruition beyond the original dreamer’s lifetime.

May you live a life of well-being and fulfillment. And may you achieve all your dreams except for one.


About Kane Shieh

Kane is a 21st generation instructor of Shaolin One Finger Zen Qigong and the founder of the Inward Gaze Institute. He created the Integrative Medicine and Roots and History of Chinese Medicine courses at UC Berkeley and was one of the founding leaders that created the UC Berkeley Integrative Medicine Conference. He has given workshops and talks on qigong at a variety of events, including the UC Berkeley and UCSF Integrative Medicine conferences.

Kane found his passion for qigong as a 4 year old child. Utilizing the mental clarity and focus gained through his training, he rapidly rose through the ranks of some of the most prestigious organizations in the capital markets and finance industries. With the founding of the Inward Gaze Institute, Kane turned his attention towards making his knowledge and training available to others to help them find success and well-being.